Symptoms of Hearing Loss

​Hearing loss occurs in most people as they age.

It is not always easy to notice at first. That is why many people have a difficult time believing and accepting, that they have a hearing loss. People might begin turning up the volume on the TV, or asking other people to repeat themselves.

When hearing starts to fade, people tend to forget how things sound. They start to live in a quieter world, unaware that they are missing the softer sounds of everyday life, like the patter of raindrops on the roof or the sound of birds singing.

The most typical symptoms for adults include:

  • People mumble a lot and do not speak clearly.
  • When other people talk they have difficulty understanding some of the words.
  • Frequently asking people to speak up or repeat themselves.
  • Difficulty understanding women and children's voices.
  • Struggling to hear someone call from behind or from another room.
  • Hard to hear in noisy environments, for example in a restaurant or in a car.
  • They find they watch a speaker's lips more closely to follow the conversation.
  • The TV or radio is turned up to an uncomfortably high level for their spouse, relatives, and friends.
  • May favour one ear over the other.
  • Lack clarity on the telephone.
  • They may have difficulty hearing at the theatre or other entertainment venues.
  • Begin to limit their social activities due to difficulty hearing and communicating.
  • To others, they may seem withdrawn and befuddled.

​REMEMBER, everyone's hearing loss is unique to them.  You may have noticed other difficulties that we have not listed.  

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