Benefits of Wearing a Hearing Aid

Most people with a hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids.

Hearing aids can significantly improve the user’s communication and can return the hearing impaired to full and active lifestyle. With hearing aids most people can hear their family and friends more easily and enjoy being in a group conversations without asking people to repeat themselves all the time. They can watch TV at a normal level, hear warning signals and hear more easily in phone conversations.

Hearing aids are proven to improve quality of life by reducing the negative impact of hearing loss. 

Recent studies have found that people who wear hearing aids report significant improvements in their quality of life. Those whose hearing loss is treated by hearing aids report the following benefits:

  • Heightened relationships with families
  • Enhanced social interactions
  • Greater independence and security
  • Increased Self-esteem/self confidence
  • Improved mental health
  • Reducing the risk of auditory deprivation

Another benefit of wearing hearing aids is preserving the quality of your hearing and reducing the risk of auditory deprivation. As a result of a continued lack of sound stimulation, auditory deprivation, the brain gradually loses some of its ability to process information, including speech.

Auditory deprivation most often occurs when the ear goes unaided over a long period  of time – so the earlier you consider wearing hearing aids, the better your chances are of minimising this risk.